Customer 152 begins production in February


Chronicle Factory, LLC, the company behind the award winning web series, STILL, is proud to announce it is currently in preproduction on the remake of its horror feature CUSTOMER 152, which was originally released in 2004.

This is CUSTOMER 152’s tenth anniversary since it hit the festival circuit for a year, winning a few accolades on the way. However, the film did not hit any distribution deal.

The film was originally written, produced and directed by Jonathan Holbrook, which he is going to do it all over again. “After finishing the film, although I had a blast shooting it, I never have been completely satisfied with the way it turned out,” states Holbrook, “The resources I have now just were not available to me in 2004. Plus I wrote the story with what was available to me, which in that time, I was very limited. Now I can make the story I wanted originally.”

There will be new characters and subplots in the new film, although the main storyline will remain the same; as a challenged man is stalked by tall phantoms in business suits after he purchases a car with a mysterious black credit card.

Production will start in Everett February 2015.


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