Tearful Surrender: A TRILOGY OF TERROR!


Anthology enthusiasts, horror lovers, and cult connoisseurs will be thrilled over the upcoming feature film Tearful Surrender—an erotic horror trilogy that explores the fantastical facets of love, death, eroticism, and the unknown. Filled with lust, the hunger for blood, the mysteries of immortality, demons, zombies, necrophilia, and copious amounts of blood. There’s something for everyone in this trilogy of terror!

Brought to you by Dreams For Dead Cats Productions is the erotic horror trilogy Tearful Surrender, written and directed by Cassandra Sechler, the Mistress of the Weird and the Wonderful. Tearful Surrender features three dark surreal erotic tales of intertwining terror: Chained, The Homecoming, and Tearful Surrender.

Each story is filled with intensity, despair, and murder using nature, sexuality, and violence as metaphor to represent the sadness of what it is to be immortal in this lonely world. Each story takes place in 1982, the year of the Jupiter Effect hysteria, with great emphasis on the unforgiving qualities of love, sex, and death, mythology, the mysteries of the occult, fantasies, and misery. While each tale focuses on a different morbid and deadly fantasy, all are filled with easter eggs, cameos, tons of blood, odd characters, and other surprises!

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The film stars such underground talent as scream queen Lynn Lowry (Cat People, Model Hunger), Eileen Daly (Razor Blade Smile, Pervirella), Morrigan Hel (Self Induced Nightmares, Serial Kaller) and other cult talent such as Sophia Disgrace (Spidarlings, Rock Band Vs Vampires), Mistress Persephone (The Hunted Woman), Zara DuRose, SarahTonin, Gypsy lee Pistolero (The Midnight Horror Show, Spidarlings), Morganna Bramah (Lady of the Dark: Genesis of the Serpent Vampire), Nathan Head (Somnium Illis, Dead Walkers: Rise of the 4th Reich, Exorcist Chronicles), Rahel Kapsaski (Spidarlings, Soul Looting), Theodore Bouloukos (The Southern Belle), Jeff Dylan Graham (The Theatre Bizarre, Blood Legend), and Justin Little (Fatal Fetish).

Tearful Surrender also has on board the talented Salem Kapsaski (writer/director of Spidarlings) who is the Assistant Director, Craig Jacobson (Elliot) as cinematographer, and musician Martin Daniels (of Derelict Sermon) to compose the soundtrack, Jesse Carson as Graphic Designer, and more talent to be added to the team as production moves forward.

Production for Tearful Surrender is set to begin towards the end of 2015 in the UK and continue through the summer of 2016 in the US. In the meantime, more teasers, news, contests, giveaways, behind the scenes photos, and more cast and crew announcements are on their way. As a matter of fact, there might just be a special giveaway on February Friday the 13th on the film’s Facebook and Twitter…

To keep up with the latest Tearful Surrender information, visit the website, tell your friends, and surrender to your greatest fears and darkest fantasies!

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