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“HILLBILLY BUTCHER” Director to helm apocalyptic CCK!


“Legend of the HILLBILLY BUTCHER” Director, Joaquin Montalvan to helm Apocalyptic Horror Western known only as “CCK”. The Director is pretty close mouthed about the project at this time. The only details he is willing to spill is a preliminary cast.

The film will feature 4 notables from “Legend of the HILLBILLY BUTCHER, Best Actress of Pollygrind 2013, Theresa Holly (Rae Lynn), Best Cameo of Pollygrind 2013, Ron Jason (Papa Jessup), as well as Chris Shumway (Billy Wayne),
and Suzanne Rick (Mary).


Dennis Haggard (Father Michael from HOLE), Charlotte Bjornbak (Mother from HOLE), Katherine Norland (Suzy from HOLE), and introducing Nate Philo in his 1st feature lead role.

The film will be shot by R.T. Norland (HOLE, Kiss Me Goodbye)

Shooting is set to commence in March.

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