“Brujo” Horror Film Needs Funds


Hello this is Writer/Director of “Brujo” a film about a male Witch/Shaman that goes into the dark occult to save the one he loves. This Film needs fans and funding! Please help my film get funded or simply spread the word to your friends and Family. Great Perks will be up soon if you donate to the Film.

This film will be creative and bring you great material we all love in horror. Im a horror fan asking fellow horror Fans to help create my first Feature Film.

“Brujo” follows a male witch struggling with his wife’s death he tries to help others to lift his spirit. After meeting a young women he starts to fall for her. He begins to care for the young lady, after having a vision he realizes she is in danger. Trying to Investigate and use regular rituals he realizes that he will need to go deeper into the occult to save her. Seeking help from darker rituals and darker forces, he sees that he has become consumed with dark thoughts and emotions. Discovering the darkness involving the young women he tries his all to stop what is to become of her.

Please Go Help!
Dir. Alexis Flores


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