Visiting a Friday the 13th Filming Location: Then and Now

So it’s my birthday and I’m about to leave Philadelphia…

Where to? Blairstown, New Jersey.

Why? Because I’m a little bit obsessed with horror films and filming locations. As a Brit, American horror film locations have fascinated me for as long as I can remember. As a teenager, I watched the Friday the 13th series repeatedly; intrigued by the walking abomination known as Jason Voorhees.

As a fan of the series it would be easy to visit New York and stand on Times Square waving a machete in the air, but less obvious (and certainly less risky) to visit Blairstown, the small, humble town that introduced us to both the series and Annie: the hitchhiking would-be camp counselor played by Robbi Morgan.

And so I drove to Blairstown and wandered the streets; snapping eagerly and doing my very best to recreate key shots from that opening sequence. In the attached video you will see the original movie side by side with my efforts in an attempt to show the differences between the Blairstown of 1980 and that of 2015.

It was fun!

Such a pity Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco was off limits…

…next time.


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