The Race to Complete “The X-Files” fan film Begins


With hype mounting for the coming re-boot of The X-Files, a local Indiana Production company scrambles to finish its feature length X-Files fan film, aspirations running high. The company, Mac-Tin CW Productions, is gearing up to start filming again in mid March all over Central Indiana.

Production on the first and only feature length X-Files fan film began in October of 2013, just before the worst winter anyone had seen in Indiana since 1988. A geographically diverse cast and crew made filming and risking the trip, illogical; and the long winter left the Production without a crew in the upcoming season, many with other projects on their schedules. This upcoming Spring marks the reboot of this long awaited (for some) fan film.

SYNOPSIS: Detective Milo Birkin has a strange case dropped into his lap when a murder is committed in what looks like a zombie attack. Following a number of strange leads, Detective Birkin is eventually accompanied by a local conspiracy theorist who has interesting thoughts on the case at hand. Their investigation into these events lead them to an explanation that could only have one destination for proper filing… The X-Files.

Originally the film was conceived in an effort to inspire the reboot of the X-Files with an all new cast (not the leads in the fan film, but hinted at in the end of it) and a slightly new dynamic due to the thought that Duchovny and Anderson would not be able to get back together for the reboot.

Now with the reboot with original cast looming on the horizon in 2016, the race begins to finish the film and get the attention and approval of Chris Carter. The writer and director of the fan film, Kelly McKinney, is a long time ‘X-Phile’ with a passion for film and a desire to write for The X-Files when it reboots, but who wouldn’t?

Very few roles remain open and casting shall be announced via the Facebook page in March, Friday the 13th .

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