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Interview: James Bickert of Frankenstein Created Bikers


A couple of years back I had the pleasure of attending a showing of the film Dear God No! at Texas Frightmare Weekend. It was a wild, original film filled with bikers, blood, babes, and Bigfoot, made all the more enjoyable by being surrounded by the cast of the movie ( you can read my review of the film here ).
Now director/writer James Bickert and crew are getting fired up to make the sequel, Frankenstein Created Bikers, which promises to be just as blood-soaked and badass as the first chapter. James took some time to speak with me about the film, brews, and BBQ…

– Tell us about your sequel to Dear God No!, Frankenstein Created Bikers. Will it be as wild as the first film?

Man, I’m so excited about this production. This a big jump from DEAR GOD NO! which was a 7 day shoot. FRANKENSTEIN CREATED BIKERS is 18 days of madness! This will allow many more takes for actors and special effects. This monster is packed to the brim with some of the wildest ideas to ever cross my sick mind. We’ve got everything from bikers and monster attacks to mad science and talking heads. The machine gun strippers are back! I know you’ll be happy about that. The sheer scope of this thing is epic. We’re also expanding the frame size from Super 16mm film to 35mm film. Shooting on film these days is unheard of but we’re bringing the beautiful celluloid back so we can fill it with all kinds of bloody perversions.

-Who do you have lined up to be in the film?

All the regulars from DEAR GOD NO! like Jett Bryant, Madeline Brumby, Paul McComiskey, Billy Rat, Jim Sligh, Rachell Lynn and John Collins. This go around we have Laurence R. Harvey (Human Centipede 2) and Tristan Risk (American Mary) in lead roles. We also have a few surprise cameos in the works.

-What are some of the biggest challenges of getting an Indie feature made?

Financing. But that’s how it goes at all levels of this business. Even though our budget is small, our script is completely different than anything attempted before – investors dislike that. They want a product similar to something that has been profitable. That’s why you see so few fresh ideas on the screen. We’re out to impress ourselves and make the mind-fuck of a film we want to see. Which is never tangible to someone’s bottom line.

– What beers do you recommend?

I currently like Eagle Creek’s Blonde Ale and Orpheus Brewing’s Plum Saisson. I’ll have to wait to the wrap party before I can start hitting the beer hard again.

– How was working with Kickstarter?

It’s very good. They get the traffic and the fans of DEAR GOD NO! have been very supportive. We’re currently over our goal and really hope to hit 52K before it ends. That would allow us to get through post-production without any hiccups. we still have tons of great rewards and you can pre-order the film at a lower price than it will be available when it hits retail stores.

– Do you have a third film in this series in mind?

I do have a prequel but I’m most likely hitting The Women In Prison genre next. Mixed with a healthy dose of horror.

– Will you go digital for your next feature?

Due to the availability of film stock, I may be forced too. I sure hope not.

-In a perfect world, what would be involved in the world premiere of Frankenstein Created Bikers?

No problems with the babysitter! (laughs) In a perfect world it would be at The Starlight Six Drive-In in Atlanta. I believe the contract they have now only allows them to show studio films. Digital progress. Ugh.

– Charcoal or propane?

Charcoal, baby. Peach and mesquite for smoke.

– Thanks for your time, James. Best of luck!

Thank you Scott! I look forward to raising a beer with you soon.

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Written by Scott Hall

I live in Texas, love horror and the works of Robert E. Howard, and have a large Yeti-dog