Films released on this day in horror history – April 2

Monster man's Films Released On This day in horror history 2

April 2

  • Tarzan the Apeman 1932
  • The Return of Dracula 1958
    Bluebeard’s Ten Honeymoons 1960
    Evil of Dracula 1975 released as Chi o Suu Bara in 1974
  • The House of Exorcism aka Lisa and the Devil 1975
    Dario Argento’s Inferno 1980
  • The Last Shark 1981
    Cat People 1982
    Silent Rage 1982
    Biker Zombies 2001
    The Frightening 2002
    Hellboy 2004
    The Monster of Phantom Lake 2006

    Cat People 1982 movie poster 2Silent Rage movie posterIF

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