Anthology Web-Series “Scary Endings,” Debuts New Short – Yummy Meat: A Halloween Carol.


John Fitzpatrick has been on my radar for over a year now, especially due to his terrific short film Skypemare, which was ranked as my #4 film of 2014. John’s got a real knack for unique and twisted storytelling, and I’m glad that he’s taking a more routine stab at it with his anthological web-series, “Scary Endings.”

Filmed back to back, “Scary Endings” debuts a new episode every month, which each episode being its own stand-alone short film. Fitzpatrick is joined on this venture by Sarah Fitzpatrick, Ryan Dillon, Adam J. Yeend, Brian Chandler, Jessica Chandler and Sean Decker, all of whom have taken a turn as co-writer and co-producer; as well as a talented cast who sometimes becoming recurring characters.

The best part of “Scary Endings” is that it has a little something for everyone. We Always Come Back is a haunting love story. Voyeur pays homage to classic films like When A Stranger Calls. The Babysitter and The Boogeyman is the perfect throwback and will make you see the Fall slasher season all year long. The most recent episode, Yummy Meat: A Halloween Carol, takes you even deeper into the Halloween spirit with trick or treaters and… werewolves?

Each episode is only three to five minutes long, so they won’t take up too much of your time. However, each episode is definitely worth a look; with all of them containing great camera work, gory special effects and awesome costumes, and a story that will shock you every time! Thousands of people agree, “Scary Endings” is one of the best web-series on YouTube. Horror Society approved!

I’ve provided the video for Yummy Meat: A Halloween Carol below!

The next episode, Bounce House of Horror, is scheduled to debut on November 15, 2015.

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