Born on this day in horror history – October 28

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October 28

  • 1974 – Michael Dougherty, writer and or director of such films as “Urban Legends: Bloody Mary”, “Superman Returns” and “Trick ‘r Treat.”
  • 1974 – Joaquin Phoenix who has starred in the films “Spacecamp” “The Village” and “Signs.”
  • 1966 – Chris Bauer who stars as “Andy Bellefleur” on the HBO series “True Blood.” He also starred as “Machine” in the film “8MM.”
  • 1964 – Griffin O’Neal, son of Ryan. He has appeared in the films “April Fool’s Day,” “Assault of the Killer Bimbos” and “Ghoulies 3: Ghoulies Go to College.”
  • 1962 – Daphne Zuniga, who starred in the films “The Dorm That Dripped Blood,” “Spaceballs” and “The Fly II.”
  • 1965 – Jami Gertz who starred in “The Lost Boys” and “Solarbabies.”
  • 1951 – Writer Joe R. Lansdale, he has penned such stories and novels, many of which have become films, “Bubba Ho-Tep”, “Cold in July”, “Christmas With the Dead” and many more.
  • 1944 – Dennis Franz, best known for playing “Detective Andy Sipowicz” in the series “N.Y.P.D. Blue.” He appeared in the film “Dressed To Kill.”
  • 1942 – Writer/Director Michael Crichton. His works include “Jurassic Park,” “Westworld” and “Andromeda Strain.”
  • 1937 – John Carpenter’s friend George “Buck” Flowers. He has appeared in the films “Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS,” “The Fog” and “They Live.”
  • 1936 – “Godfather” alumni Joe Spinell He starred in the films “Maniac,” “The Last Horror Film” and “Starcrash.”
  • 1902 – The “Bride of Frankenstein” herself, Elsa Lanchester. She also appeared in the films “Terror In the Wax Museum” and “Willard.” She was married to actor Charles Laughton who portrayed “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” in 1939.
  • 1895 – John Boles who played “Victor Moritz” in “Frankenstein.”
Joaquin Phoenix
Joaquin Phoenix
Jami Gertz
Jami Gertz
Joe Spinell
Joe Spinell

Elsa Lanchester

Written by Michael Juvinall

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