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Deadly Beauty: Horror’s Scream Queens and Rising Talent: Nurse Hatchet

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Deadly Beauty: Horror’s Scream Queens and Rising Talent: Nurse Hatchet
12438926_1003543283049920_497646858_oLocation: Chicago, Illinois


1. How did you get into the industry?

Well, first I created the persona “Nurse Hatchet” & then created the look, style & image of the Nurse with the mask I made, & my uniform & of course my Hatchet!! I literally became the character to cameo in movies & music videos. I then began offering up my creative services to independent productions, together with my Husband Patrick “D-day” Madcox. The very first production we got involved with was around 2007, on Travis Amonns’ The Cutting Room, & then went to work creating special gore fx props & composing soundtracks music for Forbidden Pictures, for over 5 years! Then I started branching out & went to work for World Parody Productions, HM&M Films, & many others!

Ever since then, I have been heavily involved in the independent Horror industry. I’ve worked on numerous Horror movies including: The Good Sisters, Psychotic State, Night of the Dolls, House of Whores, The Hospital part 2, Its Groundhog Day Chainsaw Sally, Chainsaw Sally Show seasons 1 & 2, & Chainsaw Sally Emergence, just to name a few & while all this was happening I was also simultaneously creating my own “psychodelik” music genre in the form of electro-erotic industrial-horror-punk-fetish-metal music & music videos with my band Mixtress Demonatrix. I’ve been getting involved on productions ever since & creating numerous music collaborations as well with many great artists & musicians & horror icons, including Bill Johnson aka “Leatherface” of Tobe Hooper’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2! Search engine “the Faust Haiku” or “Nurse’s Orders of Death”.

Our Faust Haiku collaboration was originally posted on Halloween 2012 at 6pm, it hit number #1 on the industrial metal & dance punk music charts in less then 6 hours & it remained at the number #1 spot on the charts for over 9 months strait, nonstop at the top!!! Also happening simultaneously over the years I’ve been collaborating with Lyndal KONG Ferguson on my official “Origin of Nurse Hatchet” comicbook series! Lyndal is also the official Mixtress Demonatrix comic/visual artist for the artwork featured in my movie cameos & music videos!

2. What Scream Queen inspired you most?

Oohhh thats easy, the one & only ultra sexxxy beautiful & talented Linnea Quigley!! I love her in every movie she has ever done, and my 3 personal favs would be Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers, Night of the Demons & Return of the Living Dead!

3. What are the next couple projects you are working on?

* Daniel A.Murphy & Tom Komisar’s – “House of Whores part 2 the Second Cumming”.
* “House of Whores – Snuff Party”
* also, “House of Whores part 3”.
* HM&M Films, “SkullButcher 1 & 2”
* Dominick Calvitto & Derek Young’s – “Running Away from the Unknown”.
* Sal V. Miers “Bad Girls Behind Bars”
* Rob Avery’s Slashers Gone Wild 2 & 3.
* & very proud & excited to announce the upcoming:
“The Origin of Nurse Hatchet” (official movie)!!!!!!!

Very proud & excited to announce the upcoming “The Origin of Nurse Hatchet” (official movie)!!!!!!! Prepare yourselves as we gear up to unleash the brand spankin’ new music collaboration “BOHICA Bend Over Here It Cums Again” this Naughty New Years Eve from Wild Bill “Leatherface 2” Johnson & yours truly Nurse Hatchet & the Mixtress DemonatriX!

Just Unleashed on dvd from Director Nick Charles! prepare yourself for an in depth journey into independent film making from the inside! in the anxiously awaited “B-Documentary”!!!! featuring numerous killer interviews with the Original Independent Pioneers, Innovators, Icons & Artists of the industry including: Herschell Gordon Lewis, Lloyd Kaufman, Bill Johnson, yours truly Nurse Hatchet, Patrick D-Day Madcox, Lisa Gaye, Dominick Calvitto & more! featuring Mixtress Demonatrix on the soundtrack! Keep your eyelids peeled & stay looneytuned my mental patients!
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Written by Dedman13

Owner of Slit of the Wrist FX and producer, actor, FX artist and writer.