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El Círculo de Raynard

The movie is a blend of history, found footage, mockumentary and narrative. It centers on a film crew making a documentary about Frederich Raynard, a Nazi war criminal and occult expert never got caught or turned up dead after the war (believed to have possibly ended his days in a town in northern Spain). With Raynard’s diary with them, what starts as an easy job soon becomes a dark adventure that will change their lives forever.






Additional Notes:
It’s a lowcost movie with a budget of just 12000 euros. The film has been traveling around the world for almost one year, participating in 12 international film festivals and winning 3 awards: Best SciFright Film in the Boston SciFi Film Festival, Best Film Award in the Artelesia Film Festival in Italy and the Special Jury Award at the Detective Film Fest in Moscow.

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