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Adult Film Star Joanna Angel Joins the Cast of Upcoming Vigilante Film ‘Streets of Vengeance’

Streets of Vengeance is the upcoming 80’s inspired vigilante flick from A & P Productions and director Paul Ragsdale. This is one of the few films that I have been following very closely and today I have some big news for those of you looking forward to this release.

Synopsis – An ex adult film star is attacked by a misogynistic group of men. She turns vigilante and puts a group of badass girls together and seeks revenge!

It was brought to my attention today from director Paul Ragsdale that Burning Angel founder and adult film star Joanna Angel has joined the cast of S.O.V.

“She was in town, I tweeted our trailer, she liked it a lot and I asked if she would be down to film a scene and she agreed! It was so cool to meet her and work with her! It all started on Twitter.  She plays the role of a girl that the main villain was obsessed with in the past, he disapproved of her lifestyle as a stripper and he tried to kill her out of jealousy and control. She fought back and kicked his ass and it caused him to take out his pain on other women and stir up his misogynistic and murderous feelings” said Paul Ragsdale.

Now check out the trailer for S.O.V. below


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