Brad Twigg’s Killer Campout Needs Killer Donations to Happen!

2_inkpo0Two youth counselors take a group of troubled teens on a weekend camping trip deep in the forest. The trip turns deadly when the group cross paths with a cannibalistic Vietnam vet who is thirsty for blood.”

Writer/director Brad Twigg (Ghoulish Tales, Milfs vs. Zombies) and producer Leslie Monk are teaming up for another independent horror movie, a slasher currently titled Killer Campout. The West Virginia filmmakers are looking to raise $4,000 in the next month and they need your help in making that goal a reality. So far, Killer Campout looks like it’ll have sweet retro vibe and I think that’s something all of us can get behind. Plus, Twigg has a habit of making movies that go places, meaning that your money will actually be put to good use.

As stated on the IndieGoGo Campaign Page: “Every cent we raise is going directly into the production of this movie. Without your generous donations and contributions to this project, Killer Campout will not be possible. We need your help to pay for special effects, wardrobe, catering, hotel and travel costs for actors and so much more. We also have to pay for the perks such as the DVDs, post-production/editing costs, music and score, artwork, festival fees, etc… which is why it is so important that we try to reach far beyond our goal here.”

By donating the the campaign, you can earn yourself special thanks credit, signed movie posters, official T-shirt, DVD copy of the completed film, screen used props and producer credits. Personally, I think the $5 tier is great because you get in the special thanks category for barely any money and the $30 tier because you get the film on DVD and a movie poster. The producer credits are a little costly, but I’d probably shoot for the associate producer tier for $250 if you have some tax return money lying around.

Check out the full campaign here:

Michael DeFellipo

(Senior Editor)

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