Greetings From Moon Hill Horror Fiction and Sculptures


Precipice Books, in conjunction with Candy Corn Apocalypse, Presents the GREETINGS FROM MOON HILL Kickstarter Campaign

Precipice Books and Anthony J. Rapino will launch the GREETINGS FROM MOON HILL Kickstarter Campaign on May 2nd, featuring Box of Dread Giveaways, horror sculptures, and the signed hardcover horror collection, Greetings from Moon Hill (Precipice Books, October 2016).

Greetings from Moon Hill is a new collection of stories by horror author Anthony J. Rapino, set in and around the fictional town of Moon Hill, Pennsylvania. The collection includes new and out-of-print stories, the novella Reality Engineers (previously only available in audio), and three chapters from Rapino’s long-awaited second novel, The Shadows of Flies.

Precipice Books is a small press specializing in horror and speculative fiction, delivering a unique premium experience to readers across a variety of mediums. This campaign was conceived as a way to offer a unique experience for all fans of horror: one in which a reader could possess tangible artifacts that come directly from the fictional world they are traversing. Perk level rewards include a full-sized map of Moon Hill, postcards, the limited edition signed and number hardcover horror collection, two unique and exclusive horror sculptures based on the Moon Hill mythology, a one-of-a-kind sculpture made to your specifications, and Moon Hill mystery boxes.

Campaign stretch goals offer the ability to unlock Moon Hill T-shirts, exclusive illustrations for the collection, new sculptures, a short story critique, and much more.

Supporters of this campaign will establish the town limits of Moon Hill and become hallowed residents. Collect hidden artifacts from the haunted soil, pinpoint your location with the elusive map, and do so as you interpret the arcane text. Moon Hill awaits. We’re expecting you.


“Anthony Rapino’s work is uniquely infused with horror and a type of childlike innocence that makes the darkness that much darker. Greetings from Moon Hill invites you to a place that is both tragic and extraordinary. Once you enter, you’ll never be allowed to leave.” – Mercedes M. Yardley, Bram Stoker Award-nominated author of Little Dead Red and Pretty Little Dead Girls

“Anthony Rapino’s collection Greetings from Moon Hill is his best work so far. Don’t miss these fascinating and scary stories from a master of the craft.” – Kate Jonez, Bram Stoker and Shirley Jackson Award-nominated author of Ceremony of Flies and Candy House


Written by Mitchell Wells

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