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With Sunday being the first official day of summer, we figured there is no better day to release our 2nd series of Killer Carnival Punks! With this line being on the fun side, we decided this time around to honor some of our favorite monsters from our childhood. Monsters that aren’t necessarily horror, but ones that absolutely played a role in sculpting us in to the horror fans we are today. The Bio-Exorcist, Ghost Trucker and Monster punks are approximately 14″, have fun fur on their backs and aren’t just normal pillows, they are free standing! A bean bag at the base allows you to put them on your couch, a shelf, or even create an actual carnival game with them! All artwork is done by the very talented Matt Ryan.

Price is normally $25 each but are on sale for $22 (series 1 punks also included) for only 48 hours!

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Written by Michael Juvinall

I am a Horror journalist, producer, ravenous Horror fiend, aficionado of the classic Universal Monsters, Hammer Horror, Werewolves, and all things Horror.

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