Comic Crypt: ‘HARROW COUNTY #14’ Preview

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Writer: Cullen Bunn
Artist: Tyler Crook
Cover Artist: Tyler Crook
Genre: Fantasy, Horror
Publication Date: July 13, 2016
Format: FC, 32 pages; Ongoing
Price: $3.99

Plot Synopsis

“I cannot recommend this book enough.”—Major Spoilers

Emmy encounters more strangers in Harrow County, mysterious and powerful with supernatural abilities. As she learns more about the strange brood that claims to be her family, she is lured further into their world. But staying with them will have a dire cost for Emmy—and all of Harrow County.

* The latest Harrow County arc reveals secrets about Emmy’s past!

* Featuring special backup stories exclusive to the single issues!

In development for television on SyFy!

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Written by Michael Juvinall

I am a Horror journalist, producer, ravenous Horror fiend, aficionado of the classic Universal Monsters, Hammer Horror, Werewolves, and all things Horror.