Lighten Up Your Home with New ‘Ghostbusters’ Merch from Horror Decor!

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The guys over at Horror Decor have released some Ghostbusters, ahem…I mean Ghosthunting merchandise to lighten up your house this Summer, especially with the new Ghostbusters remake hitting theater screens real soon. Check out what they have to offer down below.

From The Press Release

No matter what your opinion is on the new film, we can all agree that the original films are amazing, so we wanted to pay tribute to those classics in a series of new items!
Most of these items will also have introductory sale prices through Sunday as well, so grab ’em while they’re cheap!

Horror Decor gb1The Terror Dog pillow is perfect for guarding your bed at night against those pesky Ghostbusters. He stands at approximately 15″ tall and is printed on both sides. The incredibly detailed and drooly artwork is done by the talented and not so drooly, Matt Ryan.

Horror Decor gb2Next up is the gel wax Mood Slime candle. We tried our best to make it look like we scooped up some goo from below the streets of New York! What does mood slime smell like? Cherries!

Horror Decor gb3When it comes to iconic imagery from the original film, the Ecto-1 licence plate is up there on the list. When deciding on what to do for this release, giving this the pillow treatment was a no brainer! The Ecto-1 design is also available as a magnet.

Horror Decor gb4We wanted to get our new flag line in on the fun, so we chose a location that will truly show you if your friends are really GB fans. Put this flag at your front door and if they don’t recognize it, away they go! The flag is approximately 16″ tall x 13″ wide, printed on one side and can be purchased with or without a 42″ collapsible flag holder. We also put the image on a pot holder to bring some ghoulish fun to your kitchen!

Horror Decor gb5Lastly, we gave our popular Stay Puft candle scent the wax melt treatment, because who doesn’t love the smell of a good marshmallow being toasted by proton packs?


Head over to for a great look at the Terror Dog pillow, Ecto-1 pillow and the Mood Slime candle.

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