Kitchen Sink Horror “No Reasons” gets Premiere


Never has a more varied bunch of UK actors been gathered together to make something so out of their comfort as No Reasons. Hot on the heels of his first film Death Walks, due for a World Premiere on 15th of July, Spencer Hawken is offering up No Reasons in August.

“I believe horror, the most horrific form of horror is something that can happen in real life” says Hawken. “we are far more disturbed by news stories than things that happen in a fictional world, so in merging three high profile news events together I conjured up No Reasons, a dark and twisted very different form of horror.”

No Reasons was declined funding by some of the great UK film companies who stated, nobody would be capable of making such a film.

The story begins in a very kitchen sink style, but soon turns into something much darker, as parents Paul and Sally try to get to the bottom of their daughters disappearance. A down on his luck PI called Maurice comes into investigate but soon finds himself in the twisted world of prostitution and child pornography.

No Reason stars Daniel Peacock (Only Fools & Horses/Quadrophenia), Lorraine Stanley (London To Brighton/Eden Lake), Stuart Manning (Hollyoaks/Casualty), Marc Bannerman (Eastenders), Lucinda Rhodes (Dead Cert), Vicki Michelle (Allo Allo), Jessie Williams (The Dumping Ground/Tracy Beaker), Daniel Smales (Death Walks), Dexter Koh (Big Brother), Roland Manookian (Football Factory) Scott Mullins (Tennison) and Elisha Applebaum (Mob Handed).

“With No Reasons we break taboo’s that probably people don’t want to see made, a Film Four executive told me if we could get the film made it would be as controversial as Ken Russells The Devils” but the doubt was that anyone would dare to make it, so we made it ourselves.

The premiere is set for August 19th at Romford’s Premiere Cinema in greater London.


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