Horror Themed Art Show Opening Reception

Dark artists from all over the world will be contributing to a Black Mass-themed art exhibition, Black Mass III, opening October 29th 2016.

Dating back to the Middle Ages, Black Mass is a ceremony characterized by obscene and blasphemous rituals. Reaching a peak of practice in the 17th century, Black Mass continues to be analogous with its rich history of sacrilege against the Catholic church and a condemnation of morality.

Artists come from eclectic backgrounds of illustration, metal and tattooing communities to create their own renditions of what horrors encompass their own Black Mass.

Some featured artists include Wes Benscoter, Vincent Castiglia and Kelly Doty.

Wes Benscoter is a world renown for his album artwork, DVD covers and magazine illustrations. He defines his work as “morbid art” and has worked with a dynamic client base including Cattle Decapitation, Warner Brothers, Harper Collins and many more.

Vincent Castiglia has turned plenty of heads with his media with his unorthodox medium of blood. Some contemporary highlights include custom-painting Slayer guitarist’s Gary Holt signature ESP electric guitar, . He has also been featured in a documentary, “Bloodlines: the Art and Life of Vincent Castiglia.”

Kelly Doty is a Salem-based tattoo artist and owner of Helheim Gallery. She has been tattooing since 2007. Doty describes her style as “spooky pop surrealist tattoo, big eyed girls and bobble-headed animals all with a dark side.” She has been recently featured on Inkmaster Season 8.

In addition to these three artists we are pleased to announce the following people will be submitting to this art exhibition:

Brian Ewing, Britt Whitman, Defame, Dylan Garrett Smith, Eva Kuber, Jed Leiknes, Jef Whitehead, Jess Brown, Kelly Doty, Haasiophis, Human Furnace, Laney Oleniczak, Logan Aguilar, Lucas Ruggieri, Maegan LeMay , Pedro Felipe, Matt Buck , Mark Richards, Mike Moses, Necromogarip , Stevie Floyd, Tas Danazghou, Vincent Castiglia, Ulyss Blair and Wes Benscoter

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