Best Friends, a short Dutch buddy comedy with a hint of horror: Online Now

Best Friends, a short Dutch buddy comedy with a touch of horror, has been shown at film festivals and various movie theatres for the past year and a half. Now the time has finally come: Best Friends can be seen online!

SYNPOSIS: Best Friends
Childhood Best Friends Ferry and Robert, now office colleagues, are confronted with an unsual change when Robert is starting to look pale and experiences a sudden crave for human flesh. Even worse: he has just uncontrollably bitten a colleague. Is their lifelong friendship capable of surviving such a drastic change in one of the two friends?

Starring Huub Smit, Martijn Crins, Kees Boot, Rogier Schippers, Yaşar Üstüner, Chava voor in ‘t Holt and Brainpower.

Best Friends is a project that has run entirely on the hard work of volunteers and young professionals. The stunt team of Michiel de Ruyter: Noorderwind, a crew of 200 people and a VFX team including artists that have also worked on Big Hero 6 and Transformers. Each and every one has worked purely out of their passion for filmmaking.

English subtitles must be turned on (the film is Dutch spoken)!
The film can be seen here:

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