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Violent Shit: The Movie (Review)


Director – Luigi Pastore (Symphony in Blood Red)
Starring – Giovanni Lombardo Radice (City of the Living Dead), Antonia Zequila (College), and Lilli Carati (The Whore)
Release Date – 2015
Rating – 2/5

Tagline – “Let the slaughter begin”

I’ve been horror obsessed for almost 15 years now. I grew up watching horror but I was never truly obsessed with horror until middle school and early high school. Something in me clicked and I had to have more horror. Since then I have been buying up any and every horror movie regardless if I want to watch them or not. However, there is still several dozen horror movies that I have always wanted to see but was never given the chance.

One of those films is Violent Shit. This German production is one I have heard so many people talk about in different horror groups and forums. Last year the film was remade in Italy and recently released on blu from Reel Gore Releasing. They were kind enough to send a review copy my way. Thanks guys!


**Spoiler Alert**The film begins with a young boy and his abusive mother in Germany where he is given a metal mask.  He then proceeds to kill his mother with a meat cleaver.  We jump to present day and Italy is rocked by a series of brutal murders that brings a detective on the case where he meets a German inspector who believes that Karl the Butcher has moved from Germany to Italy after years in hiding.  The two team up to find the mad man but what they really find is that someone has been guiding the butcher and a web of conspiracies are revealed.**Spoiler Alert**

I hate watching a remake and reviewing it before watching the original but sometimes it happens.  I like to know how the original goes before I check out the remake.  Not to see how the remake fucked up the original but to see just how different the two are.  I love remakes and tend to look forward to them.  However, I would prefer to see both films just to spot the difference.  Violent Shit is one of those films I heard a lot of people talk about and heard good things about but the remake was a big disappointment.

The acting in this one is a little rough to watch.  The entire cast, regardless of character and gender, are all stiff and generic.  Not a single character stands out and none of the cast put forth any effort at making the film enjoyable.  The film would have been slightly enjoyable if we had a cast that could carry a scene.

The story for this one is not that clever but could have been a fun slasher but tries to stack more onto it which weighs the story down.  The Karl the Butcher angle was fun but the occult twist was a bit of a leap and the proper time was not dedicated to it to make it effective.  It almost feels rushed.  If they would have just left it as a straight forward serial killer film that flowed like a slasher it would have been phenomenal.

Finally, the film does have some gore and kills but most of the kills take place off screen and taken away from us.  The effects are solid but the kills are shot in such a way that we do not get to enjoy them.  Overall, Violent Shit: The Movie was a huge let down.  The film had no cast and a story full of holes.  I have yet to see the original films but I would almost bet a testicle that they are better than this one.


Written by Blacktooth

(Staff Writer) Lover of all things horror and metal. Also likes boobs and booze.