Horror Almanac – October 16



  • 1981 – Brea Grant, who appearred in the Rob Zombie’s “Halloween II,” “Midnight Movie” and the TV series “Heroes.”
  • 1979 – Erin Brown aka Misty Mundae, starred in tons of softcore B-films including “Vampire Strangler”, “Cannibal Doctor”, “Night of the Groping Dead”, “Mummy Raider”, “My Vampire Lover” and many more.
  • 1958 – Tim Robbins who starred in “Jacob’s Ladder,” “Mission To Mars,” “War of the Worlds” and directed the film “The Cradle Will Rock.”
  • 1947 – Jeff Lieberman, writer/director of such films as “Squirm”, “Blue Sunshine”, “Just Before Dawn” and “Satan’s Little Helper.”
  • 1925 – Michael Conrad who played “Sergeant Joe Esterhaus” on the TV series “Hill Street Blues,” and appeared in the film “Scream, Blacula Scream.”
  • 1925 – Angela Lansbury, best known for her portrayal of “Jessica Fletcher” on the “Murder She Wrote” TV series. She has appeared in the films “The Picture of Dorian Gray,” “Bedknobs and Broomsticks,” and “The Company of Wolves.”
  • 1923 – Linda Darnell who starred in the films “The Loves of Edgar Allan Poe” and “Hangover Square.”
  • 1921 – Robert Urquhart who played “Paul Krempe” in “The Curse of Frankenstein.”
  • 1913 – Matt Willis who played “Andreas” the werewolf in “Return of the Vampire.”
Brea Grant
Misty Mundae
Misty Mundae
Tim Robbins
Tim Robbins
Robert Urquhart
Robert Urquhart


  • 2013 – Ed Lauter, great character actor who played in countless television and film roles including “The Town That Dreaded Sundown” remake, “The Number 23”, “The X-Files (TV Series)”, “Monsters (TV Series)”, “Cujo”, “Magic”, “King Kong” and many more. He passed away at the age of 74.
  • 2007 – Deborah Kerr who played “Anna” in “The King and I,” passed away at the age of 86. She also starred in the film “Eye of the Devil.”
  • 2005 – John Larch, who appeared in the original “Amittyville Horror,” “Play Misty For Me” and the TV movie “Bad Ronald,” passed away at the age of 91.
  • 2003 – Mark Hanna who has written the screenplay’s for the films “Not of This Earth,” “The Amazing Colossal Man,” “Attack of the 50 Foot Woman” and “The Undead,” passed away at the age of 86.
  • 1972 – Leo G. Carrol who played “Alexander Waverly” in the TV series “The Man From U.N.C.L.E.,” and appeared in the film “Tarantula,” passed away at the age of 85.
Ed Lauter
Ed Lauter
Deborah Kerr
Deborah Kerr
Leo G. Carroll
Leo G. Carroll


The Boston Strangler 1968
Strange Behavior 1981
Candyman 1992
Bride of Chucky 1998
Witchhouse 3: Demon Fire 2001
Walpurgis Nacht 2004
Night of the Living Dead 3D 2007
Planet Terror 2007
Return To the House on Haunted Hill 2007
The Confessional 2009
The Stepfather 2009

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Bride of Chucky movie poster

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