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Horror Society brings you the Chicago Premiere of Dolly Deadly with director Heidi Moore

Horror Society introduces you to some rising talent as we screen Dolly Deadly in Chicago


We at Horror Society are super excited to bring the lovely people of Chicago a Halloween premiere to die for. The film is called Dolly Deadly, and it’s one of the most exciting indie horror releases to come out this year. Tomorrow, Friday, October 21st, director Heidi Moore is coming to town with the film to discuss how this wonderful film came to be and meet Chicago’s finest horror fiends at this totally free screening.

This most gnarly event will be taking place at 7pm at Bucket O’ Blood Books and Records as our inaugural first Rising Talent show hosted by your trash master of scaremonies, Matt Storc. The idea of Rising Talent is to spotlight a film from an upcoming filmmaker and screen a film that inspired them as part of a double feature. The film Ms. Moore has chosen to pair with Dolly Deadly is Gregg Araki’s Nowhere. Rising Talent will be a monthly event at Bucket O’ Blood.

So come for the premiere and stay for the second film! Bucket O’ Blood Books and Records is located at 3182 N Elston Ave, Chicago, IL 60618. There will be trivia and a fun VHS trailer reel in between the films as well. Those playing along with the trivia have a chance to score some FREE Halloween goodies! The screening will be BYOB, but there will be a donations only bar at the event as well for those looking for some light snacks and refreshments. Make sure to come early to do some shopping at one of the most badass stores in the world.

Check out this wicked Grindhouse style trailer for Dolly Deadly here and RSVP for the event here

See you tomorrow at Bucket O’ Blood! As always, IT’S TOTALLY FREE to enter!

Written by Matt Storc

(Chicago Events Coordinator) Matt Storc is a screenwriter and director from the great city of Chicago. He enjoys sharing movies with people almost as much as he enjoys making them. He also does a killer rendition of the other guy's part in Shaggy's "It Wasn't Me" at karaoke."

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