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Nutsack (Review)

Director – James Bell (Dog Dick, Tantrum)
Starring – Amanda Bell (Manuer, Tantrum), James Bell (Fangboner, Manuer), and Dave Parker (Headless, Invalid)
Release Date – 2016
Rating – 3.5/5

There are different types of indie filmmakers.  We have those that recycle movies that have been done before over and over again.  These directors see a movie they really liked, usually films like August Underground, and then drive the story into the ground.  We then get the extreme horror filmmakers who churn out rape and torture flicks shot in a faux snuff style that get boring very fucking fast.  These films lack imagination and are usually shit.  We then get the indie filmmakers who go through backers and producers to churn out an easily forgettable film.

My favorite of the indie filmmakers are those that deliver insane stories that are covered in blood and unlike anything we have seen before.  One such filmmaker that comes to mind is James Bell and is beautiful wife Mae.  The two have created some amazing films over the years like Dog Dick, Manuer, and Tantrum.  They recently turned out another gory short simply titled Nutsack.  What makes this film special, at least to me, is that I met them both recently as Cinema Wasteland.  Both were awesome to talk to and really made this Cinema Wasteland one I won’t soon forget.  Thanks for sending the film this way to check out!


**Spoiler Alert**The film follows the Guy (James Bell) and his wife known only as the wife (Mae) who live in a desolate wasteland where people are addicted to drugs.  The two wonder from street to street looking for drugs when they encounter other junkies looking to do the same.  This results in bloodshed when these junkies fight over dope with other junkies.**Spoiler Alert**

I really enjoy the films from Very Fine Crap Video.  The movies are always unconventional, crudely put together, but they have heart.  They always entertain with some shock tossed in for good measure.  I’ve followed James and his career from the beginning when he released Dog Dickso I know what I’m getting into when I get a new movie to review.  His films are always out there and full of surreal images of horror.  Nutsack, just likeNutsack Part I: Lucifer’s Cosmonauts, is more of a story based films where his previous films were not.  Bell is growing as a filmmaker and this film once again shows it.

The acting in this room still has room to grow but their enthusiasm needs commended.  They show so much excitement for the role and tackle every scene they are in.  James and Mae both show a great deal of talent but lack experience.  I can’t wait to see how much they learned with this film in their next one.

The story for this one is fun.  The film takes place in a dystopian world where everyone is addicted to drugs and every child is a crack baby.  People fight and kill for their next fix with little to no regard for human life.  I really enjoyed it.  It’s Mad Max meets New Jack City.

Finally, this film is covered in blood.  The film has some very bloody and disturbing kills ranging from dismemberment to baby stomping.  The effects show the film’s budget but are still fun as hell.  Overall, Nutsack is another insane mindfuck from the mind of Dog Dick and Tantrum.   If you want a gory good time then this one is a no brainer.  Check it out!


Written by Blacktooth

(Staff Writer) Lover of all things horror and metal. Also likes boobs and booze.