The First Film In History To Include 100 Directors Is A Horror Film

MAD SIN CINEMA has extended the submission deadline date for TED BUNDY HAD A SON. Anybody worldwide can direct/act in their own scene in the film (in any language).


The first film in history to include a 100 directors worldwide follows a fictional serial killer called Reid Ryan Allen aka Brandon. BUNDY is a spinoff to the underground hit series AMATEUR PORN STAR KILLER created by Shane Ryan back in 2004. Ryan ended the series in 2008. In the years since Ryan’s directed more arthouse fare, such as MY NAME IS ‘A’ BY ANONYMOUS (about convicted teenage killer Alyssa Bustamante), THE GIRL WHO WASN’T MISSING, and THE OWL IN ECHO PARK with Kevin Gage (HEAT, CON AIR, STRANGELAND, KNOCKAROUND GUYS), and produced the cult-action sequel, SAMURAI COP 2, with Bai Ling(CRANK 2, THE CROW) and Tommy Wiseau (THE ROOM, THE MASTERPIECE from James Franco), co-starred/co-wrote AMERICAN VIRUS (part of the VIRUS OF THE DEAD anthology) with Clint Eastwood’s daughter, Kathryn Eastwood, and starred in director Albert Pyun’s (CYBORG, NEMESIS) THE INTERROGATION OF CHERYL COOPER.

So, why resurrect the APSK series? “For years people kept bugging me to do another one,” says Ryan. “I never planned on more than one. Hell, the first was just a fluke, a random idea I had based on nothing else I had been doing filmmaking-wise was working. But after letting the idea sit for several years. I realized how I could bring new life to this character, and to the series.” One idea was to give the serial killer character his own A&E style documentary, versus recreating another straight up rape and murder found-footage movie. “From there the idea that anybody could take part in this came about.”

An actor, a director, or even someone who’s never recorded anything other than video blogs on their phones can partake. Full actor/director/writer credits will be given to anybody who records themselves speaking to the camera about the serial killer character in the film. You can also direct a full blown segment if you wish (i.e., a fake grindhouse trailer for instance, like the trailers Eli Roth and Robert Rodriguez did for THANKSGIVING and MACHETE in between DEATH PROOF and PLANET TERROR – or you can do a Lifetime movie style reenactment scene, anything that you wish).

For all of the details on how to submit please visit

Deadline for submissions is this New Year’s. All it takes is an iphone!

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Written by Mitchell Wells

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