“A Very Troma Christmas” Cartoon – The Whole Toxic Affair: a family tradition!” on Troma Movies YouTube Channel

Millions of fans worldwide have enjoyed Troma’s “A Very Troma Christmas! Cartoon – The Whole Toxic Affair (Animated Holiday Special)” since parts I and II were released last year. This year, we’re spreading some toxic holiday cheer once again! The cartoon has become a Christmas staple for Troma fans all over the globe, and remains a fixture on the Troma Movies YouTube channel, as announced by Lloyd Kaufman, Troma prexy and creator of “The Toxic Avenger.”

For over 40 years, Troma Entertainment has been known for its’ love and respect for all things mainstream and spiritual. This Troma cartoon is a highly joyful celebration of the holiday season! The animation reflects Troma’s sincere commitment and adoration of the most sacred of holidays.

Watch as Toxie and his friends Mother Teresa, Abraham Lincoln, The Buddha, and The Tooth Fairy, battle Evil megastores that have transformed Christmas into a hellish consumeristic nightmare, full of greed and violence! Only Santa Claus (as played by The Toxic Avenger) and his heavenly friends can restore love and happiness to the holiday season!

So gather ’round the hearth or legal vape, depending on what state you live in, and enjoy a Christmas family tradition!

A Very Troma Christmas! – The Whole Toxic Affair | Animated Holiday Special ft Angry Video Game Nerd combines parts I and II into a Tromatic Christmas cartoon that’s just perfect for the holiday season!
The widely viewed YouTube sensation A Very Troma Christmas-Volume 1″was favorably reviewed by Aint it Cool News, among others.

“A Very Troma Christmas-Volume 2” was animated by the talented, award-winning Justin J. Bowen of JB Entertainingness. Directors are Lloyd and Lily Hayes Kaufman, produced by Lloyd and Lily Hayes Kaufman and John Brennan, it’s available for free streaming on Troma Movies YouTube channel.

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