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“Where Demons Dwell” Snowy Premiere in NJ A Success

“Where Demons Dwell: The Girl in the Cornfield 2” premiered on the big screen at Bow Tie Cinemas in Red Bank, NJ. The event had been scheduled for over a month for Saturday, January 7th, at 10am. Weather was expected to be cold, but nothing problematic. Until the week leading up to the 7th when snow was forecast for the big day. Sure enough by 8:30am snow began falling and quickly piled up. Director and Co-Producer Ryan Callaway had considered cancelling the previous evening and initially wished he had. Then the audience began arriving, undeterred by the snow. Some were there to support local actors who had been in the film, others were drawn by the advertisements put out. The snow definitely effected the numbers but it was still a successful premiere. The theater manager said she sold far more concessions than expected, especially after the snow began falling, and the movie started 15 minutes late to accommodate the crowd coming in.

As the attached trailer shows, “Where Demons Dwell” centers around a family being haunted by the demonic entity known as The Woman in White. A young girl who survived a harrowing encounter with her in the past tries to save them from the horrible fate the demon has in store for them. The film is a sequel to 2016’s “The Girl in the Cornfield.”

Ryan C. of Trash Film Guru was provided with a private screener copy of the film and gave an overall positive review. “The film is well-shot, generally well-acted, and has a more polished and professional look than many flicks with a similar budget.” And of Director Ryan Callaway, the review states “he’s living proof that imagination trumps resources and that character-driven horror trumps cheaper and more plentiful scares.”

Steve Wollet, founder of Nerd Rage News, said, “Overall I was quite pleased with this sequel and pleasantly surprised with the choice of cast.” While, critiquing lulls in pace during which the characters are fleshed out, he countered that “this slow grind allows us to become connected to the characters and truly feel for them when the (stuff) hits the fan.”

The film has an extended running time, which was the primary critique in the Trash Film guru review. On that, Producer Sabine commented, ” It was a debate among the producers – Ryan, Amy, Dana and myself – how long of a movie we were going to release. The first cut was around 159 minutes. Although it was decently paced none of us wanted to put out a movie that was over 2 1/2 hours. We were originally striving for just 2 but after seeing several movies released last year that would’ve benefited from longer cuts, we decided to settle around 2:16. It’ll be too long or a bit long for some, but not everyone. From what I heard at the premiere some didn’t even realize it was over 2 hours. Ryan did a great job with editing and pacing.”

Decide for yourself when the film debuts on Amazon Video (and Amazon Prime) Friday the 13th (1/13/17). “The Girl in the Cornfield” made back its entire budget in its first month on Prime so the producers are hoping for similar success with this film. Other On Demand and Home Viewing platforms will get the movie between late January and mid-February. Stay tuned to the Facebook page for more details.



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