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Horror Book-of-the-Year Author Previews the End of the Trilogy

Award-winning Rabbit in Red author releases chapter one of Bury the Rabbit

Joe Chianakas, 37 of Peoria, IL, published his first novel in September of 2015, called Rabbit in Red. Just over one year later, several exciting things have happened all at once: the book earned best horror book of 2016 in the Summer Indie Book Awards. The second book in the series, Burn the Rabbit, hit #1 worldwide on Amazon’s hot new releases. Plus, Chianakas became the first U.S. author to be included in Canada’s Horror Block.

In November, the popular pop culture mystery box shipped over 10,000 copies to horror fans around the world, and Rabbit in Red’s popularity has spiked. Chianakas became the first United States author to receive the high honors of being featured.

Rabbit in Red follows a group of horror-loving teens in a contest to become a part of the scary movie industry they love. But life starts to imitate art, and nothing is as it seems at Rabbit in Red, the biggest horror studio in the world.

Book one’s captured over 80 reviews on Amazon and maintains an average of over 4/5 on Goodreads. The final book is scheduled to be released by Halloween of 2017, but to tease fans and give them an appetizer of what’s coming, Chianakas has released the first chapter of the final book. You can find the first chapter in his revised collection of short horror stories in Nightmares under the Moonlight, available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or your favorite bookseller.

Rabbit in Red, Burn the Rabbit, and Nightmares under the Moonlight are available wherever books are sold. You can learn more about the author and his books at or



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