Where Are They Now? : Sybil Danning

One of our readers posted a story about Sybil Danning on our Facebook group and, to be honest, I’ve never heard of her before today. So, I decided to use this edition of Where Are They Now? to highlight her career – both past and present – and to educate myself and others about her greatness and contributions to the world of horror and science fiction. Sybil Danning was born in 1952 in Austria and she earned her first credited role in 1968 at the age of 16. As far as our favorite genres go, she didn’t pop up in a movie until she booked two supporting roles in 1972 in Eye in the Labyrinth and The Red Queen Kills Seven Times.

She continued to act in a ton of adult, comedic, thrilling and b-caliber movies for the next few years until she returned to science fiction with a cameo in Meteor (1979) and a supporting role in Battle Beyond the Stars (1980). Sybil would stay in these mediums for the rest of the 80’s decade with bigger spots in Nightkill (1980), Julie Darling (1983), The Howling II (1985), The Tomb (1986), Amazon Women on the Moon (1987), and The Phantom Empire (1988). Her last role in horror was a cameo in 1990’s Pale Blood and then Danning retired from acting in 1993.

So, where is Sybil Danning now?

She came out of retirement in the mid-2000’s with roles in bigger pictures than the ones usually attributed to her career. She appeared in the mock-trailer of Werewolf Women of the SS in Grindhouse (2007) and played a nurse in Rob Zombie’s Halloween (2007). In 2009, she landed a recurring role in gay vampire television series “The Lair” and booked a supporting part in Virus X (2010). She continued to act up until 2011 with short film The Other Side, and it looks like she’s retired once again as of April 2017.

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)

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