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Stories Untold Review

With retro gaming making a big return, it’s pushed the way we think the standard of how we play games. Now when you think of horror games, the norm is usually examples like Resident Evil 7, OutLast, Dead by Daylight, etc. But NoCode studio is breaking the mold by bringing a text based game inspired by the 80s to life with STORIES UNTOLD.

The game starts out with a synthwave intro revealing that it is a four part episodic game. The first part is a remake of a classic texted based game known as The House Abandoned. As you start solving the mystery, you’ll began to notice small changes to your environment such as writings on the wall and similar actions. Now to avoid any major spoilers I won’t go further in explaining the story but I will say that Stories Untold has an amazing story with a powerful message at the end that will shock the players.

The visuals are well done and animated for a text based game. The voice acting although minor helps drives the story forward.

Normally this type of game isn’t really high up on my list but Stories Untold captured me after the first episode. Anyone who is awaiting on the 2nd season of Stranger Things or fans of 80s themed sci fi stories will definitely be interested in checking out this hidden gem.

Stories Untold has Episode 1: The House Abandoned available as a demo or the full game is available for download on Steam for Untold $9.99.


Written by Xslash562

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