Dig into Horror’s Hottest Trilogy

What happens when a group of horror fans enter a Willy Wonka-like challenge to show how much they know about horror movies? Full of riddles, games, and real scares, Rabbit in Red has developed a cult-following and is on its way to becoming one of the biggest horror trilogies of our lifetimes.

The first book came out in the fall of 2015, and you may have missed it—it had moderate success with an indie publishing company that no longer exists. When one building comes crumbling down, though, it makes room for something even bigger. Rabbit in Red hopped along, finding even more success after the fall of its first publisher.

In the summer of 2016, it was voted best horror book of the year in the Summer Indie Book Awards. That must have gotten Horror Block’s attention, because that summer the biggest, most popular horror mystery subscription box in the world scooped up Rabbit in Red and sent copies to thousands of subscribers around the globe.

The response was “exceptional,” and the author hints that their partnership is far from over. “It’s a mystery box, so I can’t reveal the secrets, but due to the exceptional response to Rabbit in Red, we’ve teamed up again.”

The second book in the series, Burn the Rabbit, was hailed by critics as a darker but worthy sequel, with deeper character development and even bigger scares. The third and final book in the trilogy will be released by the end of summer. Chianakas and his cover artist Camron Johnson Illustrations revealed the cover for the final book this week. It’s the most intense yet and gives us a preview of more death and destruction.

The basic plotline goes like this: A group of horror fans enter a contest to become a part of the industry they love. They solve riddles about horror stories to earn a ticket to Rabbit in Red, a mega Hollywood horror studio. Those at the studio compete in virtual reality simulations to show just how well they know horror’s greatest hits. But the movies start to “come to life.” Something all too real is after them. Have they learned enough from these movies to defeat horror for real?

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Written by Mitchell Wells

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