Killer Campout (Review)

Camping can be deadly

Director – Brad Twigg (Milfs vs. Zombies, Frames of Fear)
Starring – Nadia White (Don’t Fuck in the Woods, Killer Waves), Chris O’Brocki (Ghoulish Tales, Fear of Clowns 2), and Julio Bana Fernandez (Nightmare Next Door, House of Cards)
Release Date – 2017
Rating – 4/5

I grew up watching the classic slashers in the woods from the late 70s and 80s.  Films like Friday the 13th, The Burning, Madman, Memorial Valley Massacre, and so on were some of my favorite slashers growing up.  The slasher film ruled the 80s but by the end of the decade found itself become less popular at the box office.  The sub-genre never truly died but did find a resurgence in the 90s thanks to Wes Craven’s Scream.  The second coming of slasher was short lived but, just like before, they never truly died out.

The last decade has saw a rise in throwback slashers that try to capture the charm of the golden age of slashers.  Indie fans may remember Eamon Hardiman’s Porkchip trilogy and Studio 605’s The Campground.  I love this trend and I hope it doesn’t fade any time soon.  One director that seems to be a fan of this trend is West Virginia based director Brad Twigg.  He recently wrapped his new film Killer Campout which just happens to be one of my favorite type of horror film, the slasher in the woods.  I want to thank Brad for sending a review copy of this one my way.

**Spoiler Alert**The film follows a group of twenty-somethings who are going to a camp for trouble youths.  What they don’t know is that the woods nearby is home to a maniacal cannibal that sees anyone that walks into his woods as his next meal.  When the young campers finally realize what is going on it is too late and they quickly learn that one of them is not who they say they are.  **Spoiler Alert**

I like the films of Brad Twigg.  His movies are typically extremely bloody. sleazy, and inspired by some of the films that I enjoy.  When he announced he was tackling an 80s inspired slasher I got a boner.  I won’t lie.  I was very excited to check it out and the film did not let me down at all.

The acting in this one is solid.  The cast was very comfortable in front of the camera and worked together very well.  The chemistry on set is unparalleled.  There was a few scenes that were a little awkward to watch but other than that the cast did a damn find job.

The story for this one is full of slasher flair and flows just like the slashers I grew up loving.  The film starts out with a bang and establishes the killer before moving on to the young campers, their struggles, and their death.  There is a few dry scenes full of pointless dialogue but once you get through that the story is fun.

Finally, this one has several on screen kills that takes the viewer back to the original run of slashers and what made them fun.  We get some great practical effects, classic movie magic, and a lot of movie making tricks to pull them off.  The kills are violent, bloody, and well shot.  Most indie horror flicks could never pull these types of kills off like Twigg and company did.  Overall, Killer Campout is a fucking fantastic no budget slasher and an amazing tribute to the slashers of my youth.  This one is for the horror fans that likes their slashers sleazy and bloody.  Look no further if you like nudity and gore with your horror!

Written by Blacktooth

(Staff Writer) Lover of all things horror and metal. Also likes boobs and booze.