International, Definitive Documentary ‘Cryptozoologist’ Launches Crowd Funding Campaign.


The creative team behind “Love and Saucers,” to shed new light on the mysterious profession of cryptozoology

SEATTLE, WA (September 26, 2017) — Bigfoot, dog men, the Tasmanian Tiger, and the Loch  Ness Monster—real or not, a new feature-length documentary film Cryptozoologist will tell the stories of the passionate researchers searching for the truth. Cryptozoologist gives dedicated professional researchers, authors, and adventurers an unbiased platform to tell the  history of cryptozoology and share their research and evidence.

Fresh off their first feature-length documentary, Love and Saucers, and short film Swan Song of the Skunk Ape, director Brad Abrahams and producer Matt Ralston set their filmmakers eye on profiling the professionals working in the world of cryptozoology—the study of unknown animals. Their new film Cryptozoologist takes an honest approach to a marginalized area of research that has never been done in this way in the world of documentary film.

The film will follow prominent cryptozoologists around the globe. Funds raised in the Kickstarter campaign will help them film all over the United States as well as in Sumatra home of the Oreng Pendek, Australia where the extinct thylacine has been sighted numerous times, and England where black panthers are reported to roam the countryside. Additional global locations will be announced throughout the Kickstarter campaign.

Loren Coleman, Lyle Blackburn, Adam Davies, Linda Godfrey, Scott Mardis and others will take us on a journey though zoological mysteries, past and present.

“One of the most important hidden mysteries in cryptozoology, the study of hidden animals is, quite simply, ‘Who are these people doing this work?’. Now there is a top-notch, entertaining, professional documentary in the works, entitled Cryptozoologist, that skillfully tackles this tantalizingly intriguing topic. Get on the ground-floor and support the effort to make this film a reality,” said Loren Coleman, author and International Cryptozoology Museum director.

“What drives the cryptozoologists? From the wild jungles of Sumatara, to the dense forest of the Pacific Northwest, to the Mountains of Nepal? This film will uncover the men and women who search for answers to ancient questions. Their motivations and passions are compelling,” said explorer and cryptozoologist Adam Davies.

The Kickstarter campaign launches Monday, Sept 25, 2017 and runs through the end of November 2017.

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Director: Brad Abrahams is a documentary filmmaker and commercial director from Canada, currently based in the USA. His all-consuming interests in radical science, cryptozoology, and general esoterica inspire his stories. Though he has not yet had a supernatural experience, he is ready and willing. Fruit is his favorite food.

Producer: Matt Ralston is a producer with Curator Pictures in Seattle WA. He has been working in the production and advertising world for 15+ years as a producer and editor. He has taken those years of experience into the world of documentary filmmaking and has not looked back. He loves all things weird, mysterious and puppets.

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