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Highly Anticipated Horror Story Collection Gets Creepy Autumn Release

Philadelphia-based writer Bill Freas is finally making good on his promise to scare the living daylights out of the Delaware Valley and beyond. After years of building his eclectic array of spine-tingling original tales, the acclaimed scribe of the macabre is releasing the collection for sale through indie publisher CASTLE FORGE PRESS. The title, VOICES IN THE BASEMENT, is currently available in its first run through Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats.

“From the darkest corridors of one of the most haunted literary minds come eleven tales concocted specifically for those readers with a rather deranged demeanor. A reluctant team is called upon in the middle of the night to locate and destroy a sly vampire demon in the basement of a funeral home in the eerie story “It Waits Among Us.” Two high school lovebirds in 1979 take the amusement park ride of their lives – and deaths – in “Knolin’s Mouse Trap.” In the chilling tale “Intruders on Geer Bluff,” a commercial fisherman is pulled into a terrifying, time-bending alien abduction once he arrives back home. “In the Stalking Hour” tells the gritty, suspenseful story of a brutal, monstrous psychopath who violently escapes a prison transport and hunts down the traumatized urban couple that got him sent to prison and put on death row three years earlier. In “Snowquest,” a simple post-Christmas family gathering erodes into a snowy apocalypse when a supernatural blizzard rolls in to end mankind. A struggling teen’s vengeful wish comes true when a gang of vicious and uncontrollable evil entities are unleashed on some unsavory locals responsible for his father’s financial ruin in the grisly story “Visions of Darkness.” These are only a few of the horrifying tales told in this nightmarish collection of the truly macabre. When the voices call for you in the basement, you better not answer.”

Bill Freas is also a successful filmmaker and musician. His production company, CRAZY OWL FILMS (and its music division, CRAZY OWL ENTERTAINMENT) is ranked top creative production entity in the greater Philadelphia region. The company’s work, however, spans the globe.


VOICES IN THE BASEMENT official book trailer:


Written by Mitchell Wells

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