Theta States to End Film Festival Run at Northeast Film Festival Horror Fest.

Theta States to screen in New Jersey at The Northeast Film Festival Horror Fest

December 6th, 2017 will mark the official last festival screening of NY/NJ filmed, psychological thriller Theta States from Mass Grave Pictures. After a successful year playing festivals like The Shawna Shea Memorial, Macabre Faire, NJ HorrorCon, and winning several awards including an Audience Choice award, Best Of Fest, and Best Director, The Northeast Film Festival Horror Fest will be the final stop on its festival run at Teaneck Cinemas in Teaneck, NJ.

Theta States, starring Thomas Ryan (Faces, Theater of Terror), Erin Brown (aka Misty Mundae), Kathryn Lill (Welcome to NY, M is for Mastectomy) and Deana Demko (Ghosts of Angela Webb, Impervia) is about chronic insomniac Danny (Ryan) who is prescribed an experimental audio treatment to help him sleep. As soon as he does, Danny begins to suffer from hallucinations and blackouts, all stemming from his enigmatic nightmares, where he is stalked by a horned entity. Incorporating the classic painting “The Nightmare” into its plot, Theta States weaves ancient folklore, classic symbology, with modern binaural sound to create a “clusterfuck of different genres, story-telling elements and themes (that) culminate in a really coherent and fantastical way.” (Horror Society.)

Writer/Director Manny Serrano, Producer/AD Lindsay Serrano and lead actor Thomas Ryan, will be on-hand for the festival, the screening and the Q&A which will follow the film, as well as the awards ceremony on Thursday night, which includes an Audience Choice award.

Northeast Film Festival Horror Fest will be screening 30 of the very best independent horror/thriller films consisting of edge of your seat horror, jump scares, thriller films, and horror comedy — so a little something for every level of taste. There will also be a red carpet, press, photographer, awards show, and after party. You can buy tickets to the festival here:

You can find the official event page here: and follow the film at and at

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)