Clint Knockey: The Investigation Now on Amazon Prime

From the press release:
Clint Knockey : The Investigation is a True to form Paranormal Investigation Film. Follow Les Walsh ( Frank Powers) as he leads his team Danny ( Derik Barnes) and “B” ( Kearon Lehman) on their dream Investigation. The team must travel across the country to Investigate the only rumored to exist Clint Knockey Estate, Owned by Estate Curator Ben Ware. Upon arriving and meeting the locals and being a little creeped out the team heads to the hotel to get a good nights sleep. The investigation turns out to yield the most evidence to date. Their excitement and awe quickly turns to fear as this once assumed dream investigation takes a turn to the dark side and eventually into a nightmare.

This film was written and produced by Actor and Filmmaker Frank Powers, It has been his life long dream to make a horror film people can relate to and he believes he had done just that. Along with him for the ride is his good friends Derik Barnes and Kearon Lehman two aspiring actors. what better way to make a indie film then with friends, I mean Just ask Kevin Smith.

This is a realistic Paranormal Investigation film shot in the style of a team going in and actually conducting an honest to goodness Paranormal Investigation!

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