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DEFORMER presents: ‘The Living Dead Deformed’

To horror fans Deformer barely needs an introduction. Their groundbreaking horror-infused music and international performances have reached a broad audience and still leave many stunned. I have to admit, not coming from Europe and being a Metalhead I was a bit sceptical before hearing their (mostly) electronic music, but after witnessing my first Deformer show at the Dutch Lowlands Festival in 2008, I was an instant fan. The music is loud, bold, refreshing and obscure at the same time. The shows are freaky and remind me of Gwar when chopped off heads are thrown into the crowd and the audience feasts on human intestines. Deformer is far from a mainstream act, but a festival favourite for sure and also turns club events into mosh-pits because of the energetic and unorthodox productions.

I later learned that Deformer initiator Mike Redman has a rich background as a special make-up effects artist for film and television in the nineties, he’s an award winning documentary filmmaker, music producer, cover art designer and horror fan. Deformer became well known for introducing an unhealthy doses of horror into electronic music. Not only was the music provocative, so were the record covers that had more similarities with that of a Death Metal band, than for example a Drum & Bass record. Some of them were censored or even banned. Deformer is one of the pioneers of a music style now labeled ‘Breakcore’.

A few years back Deformer released ‘Full Moon Deformed’. This was a collaboration with legendary filmmaker Charles Band and Full Moon Features, where 13 classic Full Moon films formed the basis of what resulted in a remarkable album. I’m very exited while I’m writing this, because I just received a press release stating that Deformer returns with a new four track record entitled: ‘The Living Dead Deformed’.

It reads that one of Redman’s all time favourite horror flicks is the original ‘Night of the Living Dead’ (1968) and so ‘The Living Dead Deformed’ is a hommage to this cinematic masterpiece and its creators. The record was produced before the sad passing of George A. Romero and I personally find it very respectful reading that Deformer chooses to release the record on a non-profit basis.

The cover art looks amazing by the way, but I guess you can’t go wrong if you have legendary visual artist Graham Humphreys (A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Evil Dead, Poltergeist) on board.

The release date has yet to be announced

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