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BAD HAIR – A Short Horror Film

BAD HAIR is an intense body transformation horror short film, entirely without dialogue, set in one apartment, happening during one evening, slowly destroying one character. The film talks about male body image through our balding main character, but does so with gross-out horror and pitch-black humour. Style wise we want to stay away from campiness – the goal is to create a suspenseful horror ride with the best possible visuals and sound!

From the Director:
“I’m writer-director Oskar Lehemaa and for the last ten years I’ve worked mainly in commercials and TV. But I’ve always found ways to create my own weird projects with friends. BAD HAIR is the most ambitious such project to date: a body transformation horror short with no dialogues, one character, one location and gradually escalating stakes.

I have been trying to make BAD HAIR for six years now. It started with a doodle in my notebook of a hairy eyeball. This image gradually grew into a story, as I noticed myself and close friends getting more worried about their bodies, particularly their hair lines. Male body image and insecurity is rarely talked about, since men are often expected to deal with their worries without much a do. So, when I decided to create a story upon the hairy eyeball, then it lead to a satirical look into the bathroom of one insecure balding man.

From the get-go I wanted to stay away from camp, since that would be a too obvious approach on balding. Since there’s an abundance of campy retro content around, I decided to play it straight. This puts a lot of pressure on special effects make-up and visual effects, since our horror-hair has to be as real as possible.

If You’re a fan on horror, weird concepts, independent genre films or just plain crazy creative people, then help us make BAD HAIR grow!”



Written by Mitchell Wells

Founder and Editor in Chief of Horror Society. Self proclaimed Horror Movie Freak, Tech Geek, love indie films and all around nice kinda guy!!

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