“Abandoned in the Dark” – Horror anthology starring Kane Hodder

The anthology film “Abandoned in the Dark,” starring horror legend Kane Hodder, is based on my book of the same name. The DVD, available for purchase on Amazon, comes with fun supplements: behind-the-scenes montage, an interview with Kane Hodder, and more. Not only was “Abandoned” influenced by Hitchcock and a long list of wickedly creative minds, it also tips its cap to anthology series such as The Twilight Zone, Tales from the Crypt, Tales from the Darkside, and Alfred Hitchcock Presents—all fantastic shows admired by fans worldwide, and still being rediscovered and newly discovered by enthusiasts who appreciate the classics. I recall staying up late to watch those shows, and boy what good times I had. I relish that fuzzy feeling I get in my stomach whenever I reminisce about my younger days, the pleasures, the excitement of being a junkie of harmless scary fun and exploring my dark side. As an adult, the fun hasn’t diminished, and it shouldn’t—ever. Not for anyone.

Anyway, like the above-mentioned series, the four stories comprising the film version of “Abandoned in the Dark” are framed and woven around reality-based situations, from a man whose ordinary day at the office turns into a fight for his life, to a single father desperately trying to save his only child, to a suicide-hotline worker having to confront a disturbed caller, to an ordinary married couple who, after attending a party, get caught up in an argument that takes a horrifying turn. Thus, by immersing the audience in everyday conflicts, characters build purposefully, and tension escalates as the plot thickens, twists, and turns, riveting you, the viewer, until you come to the plausible yet spellbinding conclusion, and leaving you eager to experience another wild ride. The masters of cinema and literature have always created on such terms, taking us on journeys without holding back the truth of even the most unpleasant, often abominable, scenarios; and I myself have followed their cues with each and every story I’ve written, regardless of theme, and I continue to learn from the best of them. I hope you enjoy the trailer. Thank you for watching!



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Written by Mitchell Wells

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