Blu Review – The Fox with a Velvet Tail

Director – Jose Maria Forque (Whom God Forgives, The Magician)
Starring – Analia Gade (One Billion for a Blonde, Exorcism’s Daughter), Jean Sorel (The Origin of Violence, Speaking of the Devil), and Rosanna Yanni (Fangs of the Living Dead, The Amazons)
Release Date – 1971
Rating – 4/5
Blu Release – 3.5/5

A few days ago I planned on starting a Mondo Macabro movie marathon.  I fell way behind on my reviews and wanted to knock out the Mondo’s I had waiting.  After watching Spider I planned on moving to the next one in the stack but I was asked to check out the finished film from Chris Moore and found one I had left in my car my accident a very long time ago.

After checking those out it was time to move to the next Mondo film I had waiting, The Fox with the Velvet Tail.  This fantastic film was a new one to me but after watching it I feel like this is one that is extremely underrated.  Once again I want to thank Mondo for sending this one my way!

**Spoiler Alert**The film follows a wealthy woman who is leaving her husband for a man she met two months prior while her husband was out of the country for business.  She is the happiest she has been in years and loves him dearly but strange things start to occur.  While driving her brakes go out and then while scuba diving the tank runs out of air.  Soon their dog turns up dead and they suspect her ex of trying to kill her but one night she learns about everything.  Her ex and current lover are working together to kill her but this conspiracy spirals out of control and she gets the upper hand.**Spoiler Alert**

I was expecting a giallo like film but this romantic thriller held my attention like no other.  The film was brilliantly written, acted, and the cinematography is fantastic.

The acting in this one is one of the better acted films that Mondo has released.  The women in this film are as beautiful as they are talented.  Analia Gade is the obvious star of the film.  Her deadly beauty and on screen talent is unmatched in the film.  Her performance makes the film as enjoyable as it is.  The supporting cast may not touch Gade but they still deliver top notch performances as well.  As I type out my review I am wondering why I have never heard anyone mention this film before the release?  The cast is damn near perfect.

The story for this one reminds me a lot of Strangers on a Train but with some major differences.  The adulterous wife leaving her husband for someone else that is actually working with her husband was what reminded me of Strangers on a Train but the twist comes when the wife actually discovers the plan and works it to her favor.  This was a fun story that worked very well.

Finally, this isn’t a bloody flick for those of you with a taste for blood.  The film is very story driven and character heavy so you have to invest your time into actually paying attention.  Overall, The Fox with the Velvet Tail is a fantastic film.  I wish I would have seen this one sooner.  Thank you Mondo for releasing this underappreciated classic.

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Written by Blacktooth

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