Jon Fields Brings Phone Protector ‘Creep Case’ to Kickstarter. Order Now!

Creep Case began in 2014 when freelance artist Jon Fields was looking for a horror-themed phone case as a present and all that could be found were generic plastic cases with a sticker slapped on them. With almost 20 years of experience in sculpting and art and a love for all things creepy and dark, he decided to get out his sculpting tools and start making his own.

After showing the finished case on his social media accounts, people began asking for their own. It quickly overwhelmed his schedule, so he began speaking with manufacturers about mass producing them. A hasty Kickstarter was assembled in August of 2014 to raise funds (25k) for mass production through an outside company, but lacking the necessary resources or advertising budget at that time, it fell short of the target. However, after having sold almost 100 cases during the 30 day campaign, it was clear there was interest in the project.

Soon after the campaign ended, Jon was contacted by a major case company who wanted to license his designs and co-brand with them. Jon was not willing to sacrifice detail or ‘water-down’ designs, and they were unable to come to a mutual agreement.

Undeterred, Jon decided to learn the technique needed to produce the cases in-house on his own, while also building interest on social media. By the Spring of 2016, after a year of experimentation and trial and error, Creep Case was open for business and offering the first of 3 designs for Samsung Galaxy and iPhone models. By 2018, another 2 designs were added with more on the way before the end of the year!

Creep Case has sold and shipped over a thousand cases to horror fans all over the world, including some well-known horror celebrities!

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Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)