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Horror Comedy Bearacuda Unveils New Poster, Launches Facebook Page.

Bearacuda is the upcoming horror short from Horror Society’s Mac Brewer and his no budget production label Vulgar Films.

The film is a comical approach to the bigfoot/sasquatch films of the 70s.

So far, the short has cast David McMahon (Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!, Song of Solomon), Angela Pritchett (Plan 9, Steve: Death Collector), and Brandy Mason (Don’t Fuck in the Woods, Return to Nuke Em High) who will also be serving as executive producer. The film will be introducing Charles Lawson, Maria Jarrell, and Patricia Gesner.

More casting news will be announced Monday with Horror Society getting the exclusive so check back for the big reveal!

Joining the crew will be Concept Media’s and Don’t Fuck in the Woods’ director Shawn Burkett who will be editing the film. Cosplayer and prop maker Chris Sizemore will be creating the effects and props for the film. DWN Productions will be crafting the mask for the film. Finally, West Virginia musicians Foz Rotten and His Dirty Scoundrels, Matt Mullins and the Bringdowns, and Captain Catfeesh will round out the soundtrack for the short.

The poster (seen above) was created by artist Aaron Frankenfield who drew inspiration from the classic The Capture of Bigfoot.

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Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)