Blu Review – Yor, The Hunter from the Future

Director – Antonio Margheriti (Cannibal Apocalypse, Last Blood)
Starring – Reb Brown (Captain America, Howling II: Your Sister is a Werewolf), Corinne Clery (The Devil’s Honey, The Humanoid), and Luciano Pigozzi (Castle of the Living Dead, Exterminators of the Year 3000)
Release Date – 1983
Rating – 3.5/5
Blu Release – 2.5/5

When I was little I was your typical 90s kid.  I loved Space Jam, Heavyweights, and Ghostbusters.  I lived on Nickelodeon and would sneak out of my room at night to watch Tales from the Crypt.  For my 8th birthday my uncle stopped by with two tapes he was taking back to a video store out of state on his way home.  These two tapes were Conan: The Barbarian and Jason Goes to Hell.  I liked them both but Conan was where it was at.  I watched it so many times that year.  It is because of this that I have a soft spot for these sword and sandal fantasy flicks.

A few months ago Mill Creek Entertainment released the oddball flick Yor, Hunter from the Future.  I remember bits and pieces of this one growing up but I couldn’t remember much else.  I reached out and they were kind enough to send the blu my way.  Thanks guys!

**Spoiler Alert**The film follows warrior Yor (Brown) who is wandering the planet alone when he comes across a small tribe who is under attack from a dinosaur.  He defeats the beast and wins the love of one of their own.  That night they celebrate his arrival but a rival tribe attacks killing many and kidnapping the woman.  He goes after them and gets her back and takes her with him, along with a survivor of the tribe, with him while he searches for answers to where he comes from and the answers behind his unusual medallion. **Spoiler Alert**

I love a good fantasy flick and I love cheese with my 80s movies so this felt like a movie made just for me 3 years before I was born.  It has so much going on and embodies the 80s just like some of my favorite films.

The acting in this one is cheesy and fun.  The cast has the difficult task of portraying larger than life characters that go through so many genres from sci-fi to fantasy and then adventure.  The cast does a decent job but the campiness of the story rubs off on the characters.

The story for this one is everything 80s had to offer and then some.  We have a sci-fi fantasy film that borrows heavily from Star Wars, Star Trek, and even a little Flash Gordon and mixes it with films like Conan, Beastmaster, andDeathstalker.  With that being said, the film does have a lot going on and we jump from segment to segment a little too quickly.  The film tried to toss everything but the kitchen sink and by doing so it creates and overactive film that may need some sort of medication.

Finally, the film isn’t a bloody one but is home to several visual effects that are out dated and sci-fi sets and props that seem cheap but are pretty fun to look at.  Overall, Yor is not your typical fantasy adventure film.  It tries to be more and by doing so becomes less.  It is still a fun watch so check it out!

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