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Review: Dave Bundtzen’s The Devil’s Passenger

Dave Bundtzen is back with another short film, and I have to say I like The Devil’s Passenger a whole lot more than his last effort. Have you ever driven next to one of those big, white vans and thought, “I wonder if that’s a killer’s van?” What would you do if you saw a woman inside, thus confirming what you were too afraid to say out loud? Would you risk your life to save her, or would you keep it moving? That idea is explored in writer/director Dave Bundtzen’s The Devil’s Passenger, currently available to view on YouTube.

Shot under Flix Digital Horror and produced by Dave and Marcella Corland, The Devil’s Passenger stars Colleen Kelly, Gabrielle Niebauer, Will James Johnson and Steve Young. It features cinematography by Sean Finnegan.

The Devil’s Passenger views like a more horror themed Halle Berry movie; a female driven, emotional thriller where the horror sneaks up on you and delivers a devastating punch. It’s original, surprising and genuinely creepy, and its pace is absolutely perfect, running in conjunction to its total run time. When you throw in incredible performances from the cast and movie theater quality production, The Devil’s Passenger continues to show Bundtzen as a talented horror film-maker. I’d love to see this concept adapted to a feature in the future.

Watch it below. Final Score: 8.5 out of 10.

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)

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