AXMANIAC Comic Now Available from Zombieburger Productions

Zombieburger Productions has released a trailer for the comic AXMANIAC on youtube. AXMANIAC is a back-to-basics Slasher story set in the eighties and
bringing back the love for old horror movies.

AXMANIAC is a stand-alone independent comic book created by Ammar Al-Chalabi. A comic artist from the Netherlands. Translating his love for old horror movies, Ammar has written and drawn a love letter to the Slasher genre. Follow a group of teens as they are hunted in the woods by the AXMANIAC.

After a successful Kickstarter the comic was printed and shipped all over the world. Now the comic is available on the webstore on ZOMBIEBURGER.COM. Besides the comic there are artprints, posters and a special commission for sale. In the commission you will be drawn being killed by the aXmaniac himself!

Ammar Al-Chalabi is the artist and co-creator of WART (A cosmic horror comic), has worked with several notable famous dutch people and has done the interior art for the indie comic TOY-Z.

Written by Blacktooth

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