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Review: Small Town Monsters’ “On the Trail of Bigfoot”

I swear, Bigfoot will be more well-documented than some huge moments in American history. People are absolutely infatuated with the legendary cryptid, so it was only a matter of time before Seth Breedlove and Small Town Monsters delivered an entire Bigfoot-centered series. Many nights during my high school and early college years were spent watching Bigfoot investigation series on television, but honestly, most of them were crap and reeled in viewers by promising glimpses at the human-ape hybrid. The tactic became so cheesy, so fake that it was parodied by comics and sketch shows around the world; inevitably leading to the lack of Sasquatch content on television. That’s also why Seth Breedlove’s “On the Trail of Bigfoot” is so timely. Not only is it well produced and genuine, journalistic material, but it also fills the void in Bigfoot hunting television that defined a generation of smaller network reality shows. Shot, edited, narrated, written, produced and directed by Seth Breedlove, “On the Trail of Bigfoot,” a six part mini-series, is stomping to home media on March 29, 2019. Find it next month on DVD, Amazon, Vimeo On Demand and VIDI Space. Here’s why you should consider buying/streaming your copy, especially if you’re a Bigfoot enthusiast like myself.

Unlike most Small Town Monsters productions or Bigfoot hunting shows on television, “On the Trail of Bigfoot” looks at the legend of Sasquatch all around The United States – seeing stories, commentary, pictures, and audio clips from Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, Oregon, Washington, California, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Illinois, South Carolina, Florida and Arkansas. Sadly missing is New Jersey. Oh yes, Seth, my homestate has its own Bigfoot. I’ll see you during season two! Each episode is about a half hour long and sees a specific topic examined in every segment. “On the Trail of Bigfoot” is divided into two sagas – “The Legend” (episodes 1-3) and “The Search” (episodes 4-6). These episodes are titled “Creatures of Legend” (25 mins), “The Birthplace of Bigfoot” (23 mins), “Rise of Monsters” (27 mins), “Origin of a Myth” (29 mins), “Area X” (34 mins) and “Continuation of a Search” (26 mins). Topics covered in this series include candid encounter testimonial, documents, images and casts from the 1950s, The Minerva Monster, Bigfoot’s possible connection to UFO, the genetics of Bigfoot, The Wood Ape, The Night Stalker, the fanaticism of it all, and the call for critical, current research. Highlighted against these stories and statistics are bone-chilling audio clips of supposed Bigfoot sounds and calls, as well as what could be the final interview of Ohio Bigfoot Investigator Don Keating.

I say this with every Small Town Monsters production, but I don’t know how they aren’t on major networks or on grand festival stages. I mean, every time they release a new movie, it shoots to the top of the documentary chart on Amazon. I’m talking top ten. Every new entry in their monster/cryptid documentary series is better than anything you’ll find on Animal Planet or Destination America, and I can only wonder what Seth Breedlove could do with a much bigger budget. What makes Small Town Monsters, and thus “On the Trail of Bigfoot,” so enchanting is its professionalism and down-home atmosphere. The documentaries are what they’re supposed to be – opinions, evidence, small facts and testimonials. Although Seth is joined by four research groups during the course of “On the Trail of Bigfoot,” they never promise a glimpse at Sasquatch or try to fake an encounter. They merely paint a clear picture of the beast, provide some creepy as fuck stories and audio clips, and let you decide what you believe. By going from state to state, viewers will get to see Bigfoot in other decades, cultures, and atmospheres and one gets the idea that, like humans, it’s possible that Bigfoot have their own differences. That’s what’s most crazy about “On the Trail of Bigfoot.” Without the Hollywood glamour and fakeness, Small Town Monsters lets viewers see Bigfoot as a soulled, lost creature; not something that needs to be put down.

And what’s so great about “On the Trail of Bigfoot” is that it was a solo mission by Seth Breedlove, shot with only $5,000 and a whole-lot of dedication. Going back to my previous sentiment, I can only imagine what the film-maker could do with a major studio backing. “On the Trail of Bigfoot” is coming to the Canton Palace Theatre in Ohio on Friday, March 29th at 8PM in support of its official DVD and VOD release. Then, it will screen in Eau Claire, WI and the Kent Stage in Kent, Ohio in April. There are numerous chances to see this series live before potentially buying a copy. If you’ve seen previous Small Town Monsters movies, “On the Trail of Bigfoot” is right up there with The Mothman of Point Pleasant and Invasion on Chestnut Ridge. It contains all the magic and wonder of a “what if” undiscovered link in human evolution, and all the mysteries and mayhem of a creature that can invoke fear in the biggest soldier. If you’re a fan of cryptozoology, reality shows going into the forests of America late at night, or if you’re an alternative documentary seeker, than “On the Trail of Bigfoot” is my recommendation. Watch the trailer below and catch it on home media next month.

Final Score: 7.5 out of 10

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)