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John Carl Buechler Needs Our Help: Assist the Friday the 13th Part 7 Director in Beating Cancer!

The sad news came across my desk yesterday morning due to a Tweet from fellow horror legend Kane Hodder: writer, director and special effects master John Carl Buechler has been diagnosed with Stave 4 Prostate Cancer. You may recognize the name since he directed Friday the 13th Part 5: The New Blood and Troll, as well as for providing special effects in dozens of titles from The Golden Age of Horror including Trancers, Ghoulies and Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers. John is truly one of the great people who shaped our lives and made us the people we are today, all through his contributions to our favorite genre; thus bringing us numerous memories and tremendous joy. And now it’s time for us to give something back to him.

Noted as “a man who gave many of us our start” and “a man who believed in giving young people a chance,” John Carl Buechler’s medical bills are piling up while he fights for his life with the help of his wife, Lynn Buechler. John’s been receiving treatment for a while now, privately, by both conventional and alternative medicines. Due to his fight, he’s exhausted his insurance and personal savings. If you’ve ever known a family member or a friend who’s battled this disease, you know how debilitating it can be – on the mind, body, bank account and the people around you who love you. John needs our help, guys.

Lynn has launched a GoFundMe page in support of her husband, John. They are seeking $120,000 in donations so John can continue his fight against cancer. Almost weekly we see crowdfunding campaigns for much more or for causes that deserve much less. If you’ve ever lost a family member to cancer, this is your opportunity to resume the fight in someone else’s name. John Carl Buechler is one of the many men who shaped the genre with his bare hands and any amount of money, no matter how small, helps you to preserve a living legend (sorry if that makes you sound old, Mr. Buechler!). Unlike IndieGogo and Kickstarter, there are no perks involved with this campaign other than aiding someone who truly deserves it.

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Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)