Killer Clowns Are About to Make A Comeback in “Circus Road”

Acclaimed writer/director Minh Collins (Hit List, Rocking the Couch) returns with his first foray into the horror genre. Principal photography has concluded and post-production editing has begun on Circus Road, a throwback slasher film with gore and sass! Let the games begin!

Co-written by Sadie Katz (Wrong Turn 6), Circus Road stars Courtney Akbar (Astro, “Parks and Recreation”), Darcy DeMoss (Friday the 13th Part VI), Augie Duke (Bad Kids Go to Hell), Sarah French (Ouija House), Nikki Kris, Josephine Gorchoff, Randy Wayne, Isaac C. Singleton Jr., Elissa Dowling (Party Bus to Hell) and Sadie Katz (Blood Feast) as Carlee Summers. In a recent interview with Shockya, Courtney Abkbar describes the film as, “It’s a very layered film. This road trip movie features a creepy desolate town that’s run by a clown cult that doesn’t take too kindly to outsiders.”

Synopsis: When Carlee’s fiancé ditches her at the alter, her sassy, sexy bridesmaids catch a speedy get away out of Vegas. After their plans hit a literal bump in the road, they get stuck in a small deserted town run by a cult of clowns. While their ride is being repaired mayhem ensues, boobs, blood, gore and hot bridesmaids are a recipe for horrific disaster. It’s not just the chain-smoking, clown cult local, their sadistic rituals on their victims are no way a fun road trip. The fiancé is on his way to win back his girl before it’s too late and our girls are about to find out nothing is scarier than a Clown protecting their own as they check in to their infamous Clown Inn, but will they ever check out?

Circus Road has a highly anticipated release scheduled for October 2019.

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)