New Images from Dustin Ferguson’s Sci-Fi Thriller “Robowoman”

New Images from Dustin Ferguson’s Sci-Fi Thriller “Robowoman” starring Dawna Lee Heising, Sue Price, Mel Novak, Vida Ghaffari and Brinke Stevens

New images have recently been released from multi award-winning filmmaker Dustin Ferguson’s sci-fi thriller “Robowoman.” These photos feature the film’s stars: Dawna Lee Heising (“Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance”), in the title role of “Robowoman,” Sue Price (Albert Pyun’s “Nemesis 2-5”), Mel Novak (Quentino Tarantino favorite “Game of Death”, “Steve McQueen: American Icon” with Mel Gibson), Vida Ghaffari (“The Mindy Project”) and Brinke Stevens (“Slumber Party Massacre”, “Die Sister Die”).

“RoboWoman” follows career woman Vivica Stevens (Lee Heising) on her last night at a temp agency as she finally accepts a date with a pushy co-worker, played by Jonathan Nation (“Elvis Lives”) that she has turned down in the past. Soon she finds herself cornered in a dark park at night and brutally attacked, raped and left for dead by her date and his crazed friends. She’s found barely alive by her concerned roommate, Carlenee, played by Sue Price and undergoes illegal, experimental “cybernetic” surgery where she is given a replacement robotic arm and visor to correct her vision. However, the cybernetic surgery causes havoc to her brain and her body. Before long, she decides to seek revenge with the aid of her new high-tech attachments. One by bloody one, she stalks and kills her attackers before the shocking and revealing conclusion!

“RoboWoman” also stars Aki Aleong (“Missing In Action III”), Freddy James (“A Doggone Adventure”), Peter Stickles (“Showgirls 2”), Thom Mulligan (“FBI: The Untold Stories”), Mark Popejoy (“The Amityville Legacy”), Clint Beaver (“Nemesis 5: The New Model”), Zach Muhs (Albert Pyun’s “Bad Ass Angels And Demons”), Gregory Blair (“Garden Party Massacre”), Shaun Vetick (“Flyover Country”), Ken May (“House of Pain”) and newcomer Nathan Gershon (“Life Insurance Lottery”) appear in the film as well. It was written by Mike Reeb (“Nemesis 5: The New Model”, “House of Pain”), produced by the late Randy Scornavacca and executive produced by Aleong. Special effects by Joe Castro (“Wishmaster 3 & 4”, “Night of The Demons 3”).

The theatrical premiere for Robowoman is on April 11th at the Laemmle Glendale at 207 N Maryland Ave, Glendale, CA 91206. The film will be presented as a late-nite “Grindhouse Experience”, complete with actual Grindhouse movie trailers and bumpers from the 1970s and 80s. The red carpet at 9:30pm and the show starts at 10pm with a Q and A afterwards.

Says Ferguson, “As a fan of the exploitation revenge films of yesteryear, I’m hoping to re-invent and breathe new life into the genre by infusing our story with some fun, futuristic sensibilities. What happens when the woman you assaulted and left for dead comes back for revenge with the strength of the Terminator? Well, you’ll have to watch the film and find out…but thanks to Joe Castro’s grisly special f/x, I promise it isn’t pretty!”

About Dustin Ferguson: Dustin Ferguson is a very prolific and successful multi-award winning filmmaker. After a breakout editing gig in 2009 with “Sleepaway Camp IV: The Survivor”, he has gone on to direct over 50 of his own feature films and more than 70 music videos to date, most notably “Nemesis 5″ and two installments in the low-budget “Camp Blood” series. He’s collaborated with such award-winning music artists as “Egyptian Lover”, “Orgy” and “My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult”, while also previously owning and operating his own retro-themed video rental store called “Old Skool Video”. Dustin is also the editor for Aleong’s “Railroad to Hell: A Chinaman’s Chance”, and is the Director of Photography on the “What an Institution! The Story of Police Academy” documentary, and is the co-director of the cult classic “Night of the Demons” documentary. Dustin also performs as rapper “Dirty D”, and just released his first CD, titled “California Bitches”. For more information about RoboWoman, please visit:

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)